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Advisor Application 

We exclusively consider experts with a rating of 4.8 or higher. However, a particularly commendable rating of 4.7 may be considered if the applicant has consistently earned exceptional feedback and high customer satisfaction. We meticulously examine any negative feedback to ensure its validity.

Experts below 4.8 do not apply with the exception of a very strong 4.7.

You must include 2 links to current listing.  Or a screenshot if its an app.

Failure to include the above information will result in rejection.

Experts on the Tari Platform are expected to be honest, ethical and truthful when representing themselves, their skills, and their earned qualifications. Tari only accepts the brightest and the best. In return, experts receive one of the highest compensation % in the industry with no fees at all plus Tari have Advisor Appreciation Day’s where they earn incredible bonuses. 

If your application is unsuccessful, we ask that you please accept rejection gracefully and do no harm to fellow experts who are currently on Tari.

We decline all applicants who exhibit dishonesty in public profiles. 

Tari Psychics are renowned for being selective when it comes to accepting applications of exceptionally accurate, talented, ethical, and sincere experts within the industry. Each individual is genuinely gifted and customers trust Tari Psychic. Therefore we filter all applicants closely and then monitor them for a trial period to ensure they have they have the qualities and skills Tari are known for. 

In an industry saturated with unethical practitioners, Tari diligently filters out these undesirable elements from our applicants.

Please only apply if you feel you are qualified and meet with our stringent criteria. Tari is about quality, not quantity.

Thanks for submitting

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