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Rev. Donna


From a very young age I had visions and have always been extremely intuitive, but for years I did not understand my spiritual gifts or even how to cultivate them. 


In all honesty, I was afraid to cultivate them out of fear.  


I was raised in a faith that believed that my spiritual gifts were evil and wrong, so I shut them down.


As my spiritual gifts became stronger, I knew in my heart, mind, and spirit that I could no longer keep shutting them down, and I desperately wanted to know how to recognize, understand, and embrace them not just for myself but to share with others that our Creator loves us unconditionally and without judgement!  This is my truth!

I was asked to create the Tari Newsletters and am proud to share my experience with everyone. My hope is you enjoy reading the Newsletters and learn something new.  

I also am the 'In House' Numerology wiz, so please reach out if you would like a personal Numerology Report.  

With love and light,

Rev. Donna

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